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Is Your Church Healthy?

What are the signs of a healthy church?  Do you need a church health check up?   >>watch this clip


Order your church health survey from NCD-Australia here:

Pastor Performance Evaluation

by CRCNA Pastor-Church Relations Committee
Used by permission

reviewA pastor-performance evaluative tool with easy to follow instructions to be used by a local session/church council in the regular evaluation of their pastor’s performance.

See also the Instructions document: Pastor Performance Evaluation: The Need For Evaluation and How To Do It

The one who stands to gain the most from an accurate evaluation is the pastor. It is to his advantage to know how the council members perceive his strong and weak areas. On the other hand, nothing is more detrimental to good pastoral relations than a haphazard or fragmentary evaluation. This resource explains the need for pastor performance evaluation and how to do it.

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