Discipleship Matrix

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The Vitality of the CRCA

It is encouraging to know that 84% of CRCA congregational members would support the development of new initiatives in the ministry and mission of their local church.     This is one of many findings in the recent NCLS (National Church Life Survey) survey conducted among CRCA churches.    While not all churches participated in the NCLS survey, the results are still a good sampling of the vitality of CRCA churches.     Over 1300 adult members...
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Spectator vs. Participant

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Moving Your Church Through Growth Barriers (5) Christianity is not a spectator sport. Australians know what it means to be a spectator. And Australians are not unique in this. Sport is big business and attracts huge crowds to stadiums. What typically happens is that you have a few players on the field who are active participants in the sporting event, be it Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, or the like. The rest are spectators and they come...
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Progressive vs. Conservative

Moving Your Church Through Growth Barriers (4) Balance in a church, just as it is in life, is a healthy condition! You might know of situations in life when you are pulled in opposing directions. It is not healthy. In one of the churches I served, soon after I arrived on the scene, I spoke with an elderly man who had a lifetime of history in this church. We were looking at the photos of...
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Control vs. Release

Moving Your Church Through Growth Barriers (3) We all like to be in charge, in control of our lives and even our own destiny. Desire for control is buried deep in the DNA of human beings. We insist on being in the driver’s seat of our lives. To give up control is difficult. We all know of some people that might be called “control freaks” – they not only like to control their own lives;...
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Comfort vs. Discomfort

Moving Your Church Through Growth Barriers (2) We are creatures of habit and we all tend to gravitate to the comfortable pew in church. At least this has been my tendency. When I was a student at university I always sat in the same general area or desk in the classroom. It was familiar, and most often the same people would sit next to me or around me. The same is in church. It is...
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