Discipleship Matrix

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Good Leadership

David Cook was recently asked, "Do you have any deep convictions about developing the future leaders of the church?"   You would think that David Cook has a view ideas about this question.   He is the Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the former principal of Sydney Missionary and Bible College, where he served for 26 years.  David Cook is also the featured speaker at the upcoming Preaching Conference at the Reformed Theological College in...
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Solomon Islands Mission: Valued and Needed!

Peter van der Schoor and I, Jack De Vries, have just returned from a week in Solomon Islands.   We met with the leaders of the local churches including the Archbishop of Honiara Adrian Smith (pictured here with Peter van der Schoor and Eric Maefonea).  The clear message from the partner churches and agencies in Solomon Islands is that the ministry of SWIM (the CRCA mission in Solomon Islands) is needed, is valued, and the partnership we share in the...
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Doing Our Utmost

I sat down with a senior manager of an international company and I asked him, “What insight have you gained about management in the past year?”   He thought it was an interesting question, but that was why I asked it.   He then shared with me the insight he had gained. This was the insight: you need to set high goals for the people you manage.   He then went on to give me an example.   In...
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Making Disciples

A Christian disciple is someone who follows Jesus Christ. As they follow Jesus they learn from him and take on his way of life.   When we talk about discipleship, we refer to the ongoing call to growth which is laid before all followers of Jesus (Eph 4:15; Col 1:28; 2 Thess 1:3).   This growth is really the outward expression of our ongoing growth in holiness or our ‘sanctification’. It is an expression of our ongoing...
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Protect New Shoots - Wisdom from the Garden (7)

young plants
My father-in-law was an avid gardener!   Not only did he cultivate acres of vegetables and greenhouses full of tomatoes and cucumbers, he had a knack and reputation for growing healthy young starter plants from seeds.   I knew this firsthand.   See, as a teenager, before I was married, I spent many weekends in the spring working for him in the greenhouses.   He kept reminding me, since my name was Jacob, that if I was ever to marry his daughter Jeannie, like...
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