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Preach the Word

An article by Martin Geluk was distributed through the CRCA general mailing list in which the fourfold task(FFT) adopted by the CRCA was discussed.  In this article Martin  made the following comments:  "I have found it both strange and sad that with the formulation and explanation of the fourfold task of the CRCA (pray, multiply, train, align) the task of preaching was excluded. Surely the New Testament emphasizes preaching as the most important task of the church. ...It is also...
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CRCA Restructure - Have Your Say!

The CRCA Synod 2006 recognised that the task of alignment is a continual process. For this reason Synod decided to adopt TASK FOUR: “to reform continually the life of the denomination (including our church ethos, customs, church order, use of resources, denominational committees, support staff and agencies) to encourage and enable the fulfilment of the fundamental aim.” Synod 2006 further instructed the Ministry Formation Workgroup during the past Synodical period (2006-2009) “to continue to evaluate...
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Reaching Out

What does it really mean for us as churches to "reach out"?  As I go around the various classes and churches within the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, this is the question I raise.  From our statistics the facts speak for themselves.  We have not been "successful" in reaching the lost for Christ.  But the culture is changing, and more and more church leaders and members are asking all the right questions.  How can we as churches be more effective...
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Pastoral Performance Evaluation: Checks & Balances

In last month's ENewsletter (January 2009) I encouraged you to listen to Mark Driscoll's Sydney address given in September 2008.   There was also a summary of his message entitled:  "18 Obstacles to Effective Evangelism."  Among other things Driscoll said:  "Men can't be demoted or thrown out of ministry for more than stealing money or falling sexually. Just because you're doing ministry long-term doesn't mean you should be guaranteed of a job. You all know that some...
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Mark Driscoll - The Best Man For The Job

Mark Driscoll claims that some of our churches are led by men who are not the best men for the job – and should not be guaranteed continuing on in ministry just because they have a degree from seminary. As uncomfortable this might make us feel – I think that Driscoll is on to something. What do you think? Toward the end of my seminary training my mission's professor, Richard De Ridder, lamented how one...
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