Discipleship Matrix

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Membership: Raising the Bar

Membership in a church used to be a big deal.   Unlike a membership at the local gym or even joining the area golf club, membership in the church meant giving of yourself wholeheartedly to the life and ministry of the church.   Not only did you attend every worship service, but you gave generously of your time, talents, and treasures to the well-being and growth of the church you joined. Times are a changing!  ......
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Wisdom from the Garden

I grew up with a green thumb.   See, my dad was a gardener, and ever since I could tag along with him, he would have me work with him in the gardens.   Cutting grass, clipping hedges, trimming roses, planting annuals, laying new turf, weeding between the plants, watering the flowers.   I still enjoy gardening -- seeing seeds become plants and watching things grow.     There is much wisdom we can learn from the garden.  Jesus......
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The Conviction to Lead

"True leadership starts with a purpose, not a plan."   In many ways this statement sums up Albert Mohler's excellent book on leadership:  The Conviction to Lead.   Leadership has to do with conviction.   As he writes:   "Congregations and Christian institutions need effective leaders who are authentically Christian -- whose leadership flows out of their Christian commitment."  

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Lost or Sought?

When you think of the unsaved millions in the world -- how do you think about them?   I'm thinking about non-Christians.   They might be co-workers, friends, neighbours, and/or family members.  How do you think about them?   It matters how you think of them.   It really does.  I like to explain what I mean.  I like to suggest a nuance that might bring about a shift in your thinking.   And if your thinking changes, perhaps this might change how you live.

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How Healthy is the CRCA?

In 2006 the CRCA adopted a strategy to increase church health and effectiveness throughout the denomination in Australia.   The churches agreed to the vision to be "A church reforming to reach the lost for Christ."   The stated mission described what we as churches prayerfully and by God's grace hoped to achieve:  "To multiply Bible-based Christian fellowships and congregations which equip and nurture their members and grow throughout Australia and beyond."   So now 7 years on, how......
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