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The Crisis Point in the CRCA

There has been some talk recently about the CRCA reaching a crisis point. And I would agree,

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Keep Going!

Alan Stewart gave the morning devotional, based on 2 Timothy 3, at the In The Chute church planting conference at Collaroy Conference Centre, Collaroy, NSW.  He highlighted a number of key ideas which will encourage believers and church leaders to keep going! He introduced this devotion by pointing out that while many people he knows have left the ministry, not one has left because of pressure from the non-Christian world.  They have left because of...
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Building Structures for Growth

Paul Dale planted Church by the Bridge in Kirribilli, NSW, in 2005.  He spoke at In the Chute Church Planting Conference hosted by The Geneva Push Network at Collaroy, NSW, 08 December 2009.  He gave 12 suggestions for building a healthy church plant: Build a team, don't do it solo Have clarity, not vagueness with what you plan to do Work on a sense of belonging in the church, not people who are just consumers Be fresh,...
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Carpe Manana, Is Your Church Ready to SEIZE TOMORROW?

The message never changes, but if we are ever going to reach our world, our methods must change.  But how can the church embrace change and still be itself?  The premise of Sweet's book, Carpe Manana, is that “for better or worse, a new world is no longer coming – it is here.  Our minds, our bodies, our professions, our morals, our relationships, our spirituality – our lives – are being radically reshaped by postmodernism. ...
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Geneva Church Planting

There is much happening at the moment in the world of church planting.   It is exciting stuff. In all of this a number of people have asked for clarification regarding the new church planting network called Geneva. People have wondered what it will be doing and what it might offer. Geneva will be run by a board of Australian church planters which will include Al Stewart, Andrew Heard and Mikey Lynch. It's purpose will...
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