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  • Are you exploring the Christian faith or considering what steps God might want you to take to move ahead as you follow him? Check out the Discipleship Matrix Read More
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Imagine all the various parts that make up the Christian Reformed Church in Australia(CRCA), working and growing, with creativity and energy towards this one goal of reaching people for Christ.  Ministry Formation is an national initiative of the CRCA to secure our Gospel impact by multiplying Bible-based Christian fellowships and congregations which equip and nurture their members and grow throughout Australia and beyond.

Book Reviews

  • Spiritual Direction

    Spiritual Direction The ministry of spiritual direction is integral to what it means to be a pastor.   I know this and you know this, don't you?   In what Mark Buchanan calls "a perfectly cut gem of a book" Gordon T. Smith, in his latest book Spiritual Direction , stresses the importance

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  • Table Grace: The Role of Hospitality in the Christian Life

    table_grace This year my wife Jeannie and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.   Ever since we publically announced our commitment to each other, we have reflected on the importance of hospitality.   Our wedding text came from the first six verses of Hebrews 13 which include this exhortation: “Do not forget

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  • Multiplication Moves

    Multiplication-Moves0001 Parenting is not an easy art.   At least, that has been my experience.   A number of times I have in jest said to my wife, “I wish our children came with owner’s manuals!”   You know, like the ones that come with the purchase of a new car or washing machine. 

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