Discipleship Matrix

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Ministry-Formation-pray"To call upon God for such an outpouring of his Spirit that his people will be assured of his love through his Word, seek to please the Saviour in all things, manifest the godly life and be filled with prayerful and sacrificial compassion for the lost in all the world."

In the normal programme of every level of congregational life, and in the lives of individuals and families, serious attention be given to pray for the mission and for willingness to become actively involved.

Leaders within a congregation commit regular time to pray with each other, and their colleagues in other congregations and in other ministries.

Prayer resources are to be distributed through the CRCA websites to stimulate and assist those praying for the mission including, in particular, a prayer diary with forms of prayers for the mission.

The SIC, Classes, Ministers, Elders and Deacons exercise continued leadership in prayerful dependence upon God in all meetings, conferences and committees in which they are engaged, as well as in public preaching and teaching of God's Word.

Ministry Formation promote prayerfulness for the mission and thanksgiving in prayer, and to share information on the progress of the mission.

Each level of the denomination is encouraged to also have such special conferences, prayer days or nights, and seminars to promote prayerful dependence upon God and attention to the teaching of his Word.